As you drive this summer, always be on the lookout for deer. Be on high alert during the evenings and mornings, as this is when animals are most active. They will run across the road and are more likely to get hit. Minnesota is in the top 10 for states that deer collisions are most likely to occur.  Not only will hitting them be dangerous, but also costly in repair bills for your car. These collisions cost over 4 billion dollars each year. There are also more than 1.2 million accidents involving deer reported as well. Not only should you look out for live ones, but also dead ones on the road. Running over these can do damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Deer running across the road

If a deer runs across the road, be aware and on the lookout for others. Typically where there is one, there are a few more. Even if they cross the road several feet ahead, make sure to slow down incase more run behind it. Another indication of a higher chance of deer is if there is a crossing sign. If these are present, then check from ditch to ditch for any deer when driving. When trees or wooded areas are near the road, it can block your view of seeing them as they run out. Make sure to be aware of any that are out in a pasture grazing. They will be easier to see, especially when approaching the road.


When they do cross the road, make sure to never swerve into another lane. This can cause an accident with that vehicle, or a chain reaction with others. Studies have shown you are more likely to survive an accident with a deer than you are another vehicle. Stay alert on the road and aware of your surroundings. Yearly, hitting a deer causes over 4 billion dollars in damage, so stay safe on the roads when driving!