Regular maintenance is important for your vehicle. This way we can inspect all parts and components of your vehicle. If you are not sure when this should be, we can recommend the proper schedule for you. Also it may depend on your vehicle, where you drive, and how often you drive. One part to remember to check is the transmission. Like other parts, without proper care, this will eventually start to fail.


Make sure the transmission fluid is topped off for the vehicle. This helps lubricate the transmission and keep it running properly. Without it, the transmission will seize up and fail. This is an expense repair, so you will want to try and avoid it if possible. Sometimes you may notice that the transmission gears are slipping. This will happen with age or if it is starting to fail. Make sure to bring the vehicle in, and we can check it for you. Having the issue fixed is important before it becomes a larger problem. If there are jerks and poor handling with the vehicle, it could mean the transmission is going out as well. Having everything inspected will help keep it efficient when you drive. If you see a leak under the vehicle, check all the fluids of the vehicle. It could be the oil, or brake fluid, or even the transmission fluid. If you notice a leak, we can repair it for you.


If there are any odd noises or issues with your vehicle, always remember to schedule an appointment with us. We can check for the reason the vehicle may be having the issues. Sometimes it may act like a part like the engine or transmission, but it might be something simple like a belt replacement. No matter what the reason, the issues should always be checked as soon as you can.