Clearing off the windshield for your vehicle is important in the winter. You will want to make sure to clear off all the snow, ice, and frost. Clear the whole windshield, not just a small area you can see out of. You will want to make sure to start the vehicle a few minutes earlier. This will allow it enough time to warm up internally. The windshield will also be able to warm up from the inside. As the vehicle operates, you will be able to scrape the windshield easier. Remember to scrape the rear windshield and other windows as well. This way you will have the best visibility possible around you.

Clearing the Snow

Make sure that you also take the time to remove any snow and ice build up from the hood, roof, and trunk of your vehicle. If you drive while this is covered, you increase the chance of an accident happening. Snow on your vehicle could slide or fall off, impairing the vision of those driving by you. If the chunk of snow or ice is heavy enough, it could break a windshield. Along with removing that snow, also remember to clean off the side mirrors of your vehicle. Being able to see beside or behind you is important.


Also remember that in the winter, you will want to check the windshield wipers of your vehicle. Make sure they are not frozen to the windshield. This will help you to be able to clear the windshield of any snow or debris. Never force the windshield wipers to operate, because it will damage the motor of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a rear wiper, make sure to check that as well. If the wipers are getting old and damaged, you will want to make sure to change them. Having the wipers replaced will help you improve the visibility as you drive.