By checking the tires on your vehicle, you will be able notice any issues that might be starting to form. During the colder winter months, you will want to make sure that you inspect the tires regularly. Checking them before you drive is important, because when the temperatures drop, so do the tires. For every ten degree decrease in temperature, the tires can lose one pound per square inch of air pressure. This can lead to a lower tire, especially if temperatures drop significantly in a short amount of time. If you notice that the tires are low often, you will want to schedule an appointment with us.

Checking the Tires

When checking the air pressure, you can check in the vehicle owner’s manual. You can also find the proper air pressure amount on the inside door jamb of the driver’s door. If a tire is under inflated, then it will be more likely to blow out. When a tire is over inflated, then it can be more prone to pick up sharp objects that might be on the road. You will also want to make sure that the spare tire is inspected as well. If one of the regular tires blows or is damaged, you will have to rely on the spare tire to get you to your destination. You will also want to check to make sure that you can get the spare tire out quickly and easily if you have to.


Besides the air pressure, also check the overall condition and the tread wear. If you take a penny, place it upside down in the tread, you can tell how much is left. By seeing the top of Lincoln’s head, this will indicate that the tire should be replaced. Since they are sold in pairs, you will want to make sure to get another one. Ideally it is best to replace all four tires at once, but it is not necessary.