When driving, you will want the vehicle to be at top performance levels. However, at some point, the check engine light illuminate on the dashboard. This is a fairly common occurrence and more often than not, it is not a serious issue. The light is part of a built in computerized system, so you should not ignore it. In most cases, you can finish your normal drive and then investigate the issue.

Common reasons for the Check Engine light to come on

check-engine-light-1There are several reasons why the check engine light might come on. To have a better understanding of what may have caused the light to come on, it is significant to know what year your vehicle was built. If there is an issue, you will see the warning light illuminate on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Reasons why the light can illuminate on newer vehicles

The check engine light is now required to monitor a number of different factors, including the exhaust that comes out of the engine. It can even monitor the exhaust again as it is exiting the catalytic converter. This might happen if the gas cap is not on correctly. Also the light will come on if there is a leak anywhere in the fuel system.

What to do if the Check Engine light comes on

It is recommended to bring the vehicle in if you notice the check engine light illuminate on the vehicle. This can help have the vehicle be inspecting for what the issue might be.  A red check engine light means you should not be driving the vehicle at all. The main reason the light comes on like this is if there was a malfunction in the vehicle’s control system. If the check engine light comes on and stays on, but is not blinking or red, then you can check for a couple more signs. Listen to the engine while it is idling and when you accelerate. If it makes any odd noises or has performance issues, this means there is a failure somewhere in the  system. Finally, check your gas cap. Make certain it is tight and try turning the car off and back on again. This may help reset the light. In some cases, it may even take a couple of short rides to get the light to reset.