The first thing you will want to inspect is the overall condition of the tires. Check for any damage like cracks, gaps, or puncture marks in the tires. If there is a crack, make sure to keep an eye on it. Over time, it may cause air to be leaked out from the tire. If there are nails, screws, rocks, or any other sharp object in the tire, be sure to bring the vehicle in. We can safely remove it from the tire. We can also repair the tire so it is in the best condition possible for when you drive. If you notice the rubber on the tires look like it is becoming dry and several cracks in it, this may be a sign of dry rot. This can cause an issue with the tires when you would least expect it.



Also make sure you check the amount of air pressure in your tires. This is important because the tires should be at the amount that is specified in the vehicle owner’s manual. Tires that are under inflated could lead to a blow out. They can also cause the vehicle to have poor fuel mileage when you drive. If the tires are over inflated then there will be less contact with the surface of the road. This can also make for an uncomfortable ride as you are driving. Over inflated tires are also more prone to pick up sharp objects that might be on the surface of the road you are driving on. If you are unsure about the correct air pressure, you can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you, as well as alerting you to what the correct amount should be.



The tread on the tire is important. The proper amount of tread can improve the handling and control that you have with your vehicle. If the tread has become low or poor, it may lead to the vehicle pulling from side to side as you drive. You can place a penny upside down to inspect the amount of tread on the tires. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, there is not enough tread. It is then recommended to buy a new set of tires to help improve the safety and reliability of your vehicle.