When inspecting the vehicle, one part to always remember is the brake system. By inspecting the brakes on a regular basis, you can help prevent an accident or further issue from occurring. By going to regular maintenances, we can inspect the vehicle based on the recommendations by the manufacturer. This can help to determine if any parts need to be replaced in the future. We can also advise you on the options you have so the vehicle is running in the best condition possible.

Why the Brakes are Important

brake-repair-2The brakes are important for the safety of your vehicle. Without the brakes you will not be able to slow down or stop. This can lead to an accident. The brakes should be inspected based on the recommended schedule. By doing so, you can help to ensure the vehicle is as safe as possible. If you notice any issues with the brakes, it is important to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This way we can inspect it for the overall safety and efficiency.

Signs of Poor Brakes

There can be several signs of the brakes going out with your vehicle. One could be any odd noise you hear when you apply the brakes. If there are any screeching or squealing noises, it could mean that parts are wearing against one another and causing stress and friction. This can cause the parts to need replacing sooner than they otherwise should. If there are noises, it can mean that the brake pads might be starting to wear against the brake rotors. If the brake rotors become damaged or warped, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. As the brake pads wear down, they will become thin. Once there is not longer padding on them, they will start to wear with the brake rotors. This will result in metal on metal contact for the parts. It can add extra stress and cause the rotors to become damaged.

Be aware of any issues with the Brake Pedal

Another way to notice an issue with the brake system is by how the brake pedal is working. If the pedal seems soft and squishy, then there is an issue with the brakes. Brake fluid could be leaking or there could be a larger issue. Make sure to check the brake fluid so it is at the line indicated on the reservoir in the vehicle. If you find that you have to replace the fluid more frequently, it could mean there is a leak in the system. The vehicle should be brought in so we can inspect it. If the brake pedal is hard and difficult to press on, it could mean that the brake rotors are beginning to fail. Another indication is any vibrations you might feel when you press on it. This will indicate that parts are not wearing as they should be, and are causing excess friction with the parts. To help have a safe and reliable ride, make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can properly inspect it for you.