Catalytic converter theft is on the rise and over the year, the number of catalytic converter cases saw an incredible increase. The reason for this increase is various, one of the primary ones entailing to the increase of unemployment rate along with the high market value of these catalytic converters. Below are measures that you can take to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft.

Why a Catalytic Converter is stolen

The reason why catalytic converters are such an easy target for thieves is that it does not take a person much effort to steal them. All they need to do is squeeze inside your car, use a mechanical grinder, and cut the catalytic converter from the ends of the exhaust pipe.

This process is very simple, and it can take an experienced thief only a minute to maneuver. Ultimately, to remove your catalytic converter a person requires one or two cutting tools and access underneath your car. Hence, if you want to stop them, you have to create an obstacle for them that keeps them from exploiting one of the elements.

Preventive Installments to prevent Catalytic Converter Thefts

You can find products on the market that covers your converter, blocking the exposure to your catalytic converter. Products include devices that you can install in your car that will wrap around the converter, bolt onto the ends and create a frame for the catalytic converter.

However, finding this tool for your specific car can be difficult. Some companies make them to perfect scale for certain cars and it may not fit your specific vehicle. Another option is a steel cable. Some companies manufacture steel cables for the exact purpose of theft prevention for catalytic converters.

Steel Cables

You can purchase these cables for only about 7 dollars at Home Depot, making it the cheaper and convenient option. Installing steel cables is easy, you will have to simply wrap it around the entire length of the catalytic converter. This may not offer a hundred percent protection, but it can definitely make stealing your catalytic converter a more difficult pursuit. On top of that, the low price makes it a worthwhile installment.

Skid Plate

If you are very serious about theft prevention, then you will benefit from installing a Skid Plate. The installation will be costly, but a proper plate takes away all the access to both ends of the pipe, making it nearly impossible to steal. Another alternative to the steel plate is a metal cage installment. Overall, it involves a technician installing some kind of a shield on your converter to completely cut off access.

Alarm System

If your car does not already have one, then you should consider getting an installation. Alarms can send an instant loud warning whenever the thief tries to invade your car. This will either result in creating panic for the culprit, making them flee from the scene, or, it will alert you or your neighbors so they can intervene on time.

You can find many anti-theft solutions for your converter. However, the one that suits you the best should match your price range and the probability of theft in the specific area you park your car.