catalytic converterA catalytic converter can be stolen quickly. You come out of your house and start your car. Instead of the normal and mellow engine sound, you hear different machines growling together. What could it be? Just slide underneath the car and have a look at the space near your exhaust pipe. If there is a large gap there, this means that your catalytic converter is gone.

Since it didn’t go out on its own, this means that your catalytic converter was stolen. You may be scratching your head, wondering why somebody would steal such a thing. These converters are installed into the car’s exhaust system to take harmful pollutants from the engines. It will then convert them into harmless gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

Plus, converters are more valuable than you think. Let’s have a look at what you can do if your catalytic converter is stolen.

What is so Valuable about them?

Catalytic converters have palladium, platinum, and rhodium inside them. These precious metals enable it to convert the harmful gases to harmless ones. Also, these metals are more expensive than gold, and this is why catalytic converters are expensive. This is one major reason why thieves target catalytic converters.

There is a high demand for second-hand catalytic converters in the market, since the new ones are very expensive. So, this demand is met by car thieves who take out thousands of converters and sell them to dealers who move second-hand parts.

Some car models are targeted more than others, such as the Toyota Prius. Since it is a hybrid vehicle, it has relatively low emission levels. The metals inside it aren’t as worn out as other cars. Therefore, thieves have their eyes on the Prius more than other cars. They also target SUVs and trucks because it is much easier to slide under them.

What to do if Your Catalytic Converter gets Stolen?

First and foremost, you should call the police and avoid moving your car from the spot, since the police would want to include the exact location of the car in your report. While the police may not be able to catch the thief or get you your catalytic converter back, they would provide you with a report that you can send to the insurance company for claims.

Once you have called the police, you should also call your insurance company and find out whether your policy covers catalytic converter theft or not. Moreover, to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future, you can ask your mechanic to install an aftermarket protective casing on top of the new catalytic converter, so that it doesn’t get stolen again.

As you can see, catalytic converter theft is growing day by day, and thinking that you are safe from it won’t help. Therefore, it is always best to cover your car or park it in the garage, so that it becomes difficult for thieves to slide underneath it. Plus, you can also add cameras and security lighting to your driveway for better visibility and surveillance.