By carefully checking the tires of the vehicle, you can help to ensure they are in the best condition possible. You will first want to make sure you are going to regular maintenance inspections for your vehicle. If you are not sure when this should be done, you can check the owner’s manual. We can also advise you when maintenance should be done with your vehicle as well. Always be aware of any issues your vehicle might have between visits. Notice any odd noises or how the vehicle handles when driving. These should be taken seriously and not ignored.

Carefully check the air pressure

You will want to remember to check the air pressure for each tire. This is especially important before driving or taking a long road trip. You will want to check the tires after the vehicle has had a chance to sit awhile. If you check the air pressure on a regular basis, you will be able to notice when an issue is starting to form. Make sure the tires are not under inflated. If this happens, they will be more likely to blow or go flat when driving. Tires that are over inflated could pick up sharp objects on the road. So always make sure that the tires are at the correct air pressure, and contact us if there is an issue.


Remember the tread wear should be inspected carefully as well. If the tread has worn down, you will start to notice issues while you drive. The vehicle will start to pull in one direction or the other. You may also notice it slides on the road when it is wet or slick out. If you notice the tread is poor, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. We can check the tires and the tread. Also, we can make sure the tires have been aligned and rotated properly. That way the tires can last as long as possible for your vehicle.