car care

April is National Car Care month! During the winter, vehicles are neglected because of the cold and snow. They sure could use a little extra care by now. During the winter your vehicle takes a beating. With all the snow, ice, difficult driving, and salt, your vehicle will need to have proper maintenance in the spring. This will help keep it running efficiently as well as keeping the body in good shape. If the salt stays on your vehicle, it can lead to rust and damage the vehicle beyond repair of it.

Having a Clean Vehicle

It is good car maintenance to wash your car on a regular basis, especially in the spring. When you wash the car, you remove the road grime, dirt, salt, and other harmful pollutants that are on your vehicle. Having rust form from the salt build up is reduced when you wash your vehicle on a regular basis. Also take a few minutes and clean out the interior of your vehicle. Remove any garbage that might be in the vehicle. Also take out things you will not need or will not use.

Remember Maintenance

Every vehicle has a manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule. We can always recommend a maintenance schedule for you. It is important to follow it to make sure every part and component to ensure they are in the best working condition for the vehicle.

Notice Issues

When you see your car needs attention, do not ignore it. Signs of an issue are important to be aware of so your vehicle does not fail and breakdown suddenly. Also be aware of the dashboard warning lights that are on your vehicle. These will be illuminated when there is an issue with the vehicle Depending which lights illuminate, that will help locate the issue of the vehicle.