The cost of car batteries is only going to increase as time goes on. This is why you want to make sure that your battery lasts as long as possible, especially in the cold weather. To keep the battery working efficiently, make sure to follow regular maintenance and replacements. If you want your car battery to not trouble you this winter, follow these recommendations.

Car Battery Usage

The car batteries are not like the batteries inside your cell phones. When you use your smartphone, you notice a drain in the battery and it runs out if you do not plug it in. However, car batteries function differently. They help power your car so that it can start, and once your car has started, then the alternator recharges the battery and runs the engine.

Car batteries are supposed to discharge, start the car, and get recharged by the alternator. If you let a car battery rest without working, then you can expect it to stop functioning. If you do not use your car much, then you can use tools that charge your battery without you having to drive it.

Tools such as these can be very useful in the colder seasons when most people like to stay indoors and car usage decreases significantly. You want to keep the battery running so that you do not have trouble starting it when you need to go somewhere due to an emergency.

Keep the Terminals Clean

You want to make sure that your battery terminals are clean and corrosion-free. This is because corrosion or lose terminals create more resistance. The more resistance inside the electrical circuit, the more stress on the battery when it tries to push out electricity.

Ultimately, corrosion will lead to quicker battery wear. This is why you should invest in corrosion cleaners and scrape off any corrosion that you spot on the battery terminals. After you scrape the corrosion off, you should spray some electrical cleaner on the terminals.

The spray will help get rid of the entire corrosive residue that is lying around on the batteries. Once the spray liquid dries, you can use a terminal protector spray on the terminal. This helps seal the battery acid vapor from escaping and causing corrosion. This way the corrosion will not come back, and you no longer have to worry about drain due to corrosion or terminal wear.

The above-mentioned solutions are two of the easiest ways to keep your battery in good condition for a long time. The first helps you make sure that your battery does not run out of charge, while the second ensures that it does not burn out because of working too hard.