The cabin filter of your vehicle is an important part for having the cabin comfortable to be in and breath. These filters can be made of either paper or cotton material. When the cabin filter is clean, they will remove any pollutants from the air before it enters the cabin of the vehicle. When the filter is clogged and full of dust, it can affect the air conditioning system and efficiency of it. Another issue is if the cabin filter is clogged, it can end up reducing the amount of air that passes through it. The flow of air into the cabin of the vehicle will be reduced as well. When this happens, you may turn the fan settings up even higher. This will end up putting more strain and stress on the air conditioning system of the vehicle.

Cabin filter issues

As the cabin filter becomes clogged, the system will work harder because it requires more power from the engine as well. This will then reduce power to any other component of the vehicle, like the alternator. The result can be that the overall horsepower and performance of the vehicle will decrease. If parts are not in the best condition, it can cause other parts to become damaged. In the long run you will have a costly repair bill to these parts and components.


When the airflow is poor, it will add strain and cause the air conditioner to overwork for your vehicle. You can also notice that not only is there reduced airflow, but the air temperature in the cabin will not be as comfortable. When the air temperature increases, it could determine how clogged the filter may be for your vehicle. You can also start to notice an odd smell or odor from the vents in your vehicle as well. Any smell like mildew, mold, or dust can be caused by a filter that needs to be changed. If you notice an issue, make sure to contact us so we can schedule an appointment for you.