boat trailer

Although a boat trailer isn’t a part of your boat, but it is an essential component for any boat owner, especially if your boat doesn’t stay parked at the waterfront. During the winter months, you can’t leave your boat out in the open waters, which is why you need to put it on the boat trailer and haul it all the way to your garage or backyard. But as soon as spring comes around, you can get back to boating with your friends. This also means that your boat trailer should be in perfect condition when the winter ends, and there are a few simple steps that you can follow to ensure that it is capable to carry your boat without any issues. Here is a quick summary of everything you should do:

  • Check the tires for any wear and tear
  • Check tire pressure
  • Carry a spare tire
  • Install wheel bearing protectors
  • Clean up the trailer brakes
  • Get your brake shoes or pads inspected
  • Check the brake fluid
  • Lubricate the trailer coupler
  • Check the trailer lights

How to Maintain Your Boat Trailer

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can maintain your boat trailer.

Checking the Tires and Wheels on the boat trailer

Your trailer’s tires have to do the most work when your boat is loaded on top of it, and you should always check their tire pressure before you do so. Also check the surface of each tire for any wear and tear or damage. If something seems wrong, change the tire immediately. Another wise method is to always carry a spare tire when you are off for a boating trip.

Once you are done with the tires, have a look at the wheel bearings and see if there is any rust on them. If you have wheel bearing protectors, then you don’t have to worry. If not, then get them installed before your next trip.

Inspecting the Trailer Brakes

The next step involves checking the trailer brakes, and you should start by cleaning them to remove any debris or dirt that may have accumulated on them. Once this is done, you should have your brake pads or shoes checked by a professional. They can also check the brake lines for any damage or leakage. One this is done, you can also have a look at the brake fluid levels. If the level is lower than the marker, then you need to replenish it.

It would also do you good to check the trailer coupler and see if it works smoothly. You can also lubricate it properly to avoid any friction.

Examining the Trailer Lights

Last but not least, your trailer lights also need to be in working order to ensure maximum safety, as they let other motorists know that you have a trailer hitched to your vehicle. If the lights are dim, flickering or fused, you can check the trailer light connection for any corrosion on its metal pins. To avoid this, you should keep it covered when not in use.

Other problems with your trailer lights could include a problem with the grounding, or a fused bulb. You can consult an auto electrician or technician to resolve these problems.

If you are not sure on how to go about with your trailer maintenance, you can simply get a professional repair service to help you in this regard, as they are experienced and know their way around a boat trailer.