back to school


Before you go back to school, make sure to have and inspection done for your vehicle. When an inspection is done, we can check all components for the vehicle for how they are working. Checking the vehicle on a regular basis will also help to notice when and if any problems will start to occur. You will want the vehicle to be in the best condition possible for the upcoming school year. Having it inspected can also help ensure that it is efficient and safe when you drive. If you are not sure when regular maintenance should be done for your vehicle, you can check the owner’s manual. We can also advise you when maintenance tasks should be done. Regular maintenance and inspections are important for the longevity of your vehicle as well.

Back to School car tips

One of the most important things to do is to make sure that the engine is working properly as you head back to school. When you check the engine, you can help prevent issues like hard starts, stalling out, and rough idling of the vehicle. As it starts to get colder this year, these small problems will only become worse. So it is important that you notice anything out of the norm with the engine, so that it is inspected and repaired now. The last thing you will want to have happen is if the vehicle has an unexpected breakdown when you are on the road.

Oil Changes

Getting ready for back to school should include things for your car as well. Make sure that you check the oil and oil filter regularly. The owner’s manual can advise you on a schedule that the oil should be changed. Doing so will help to make sure that everything is properly lubricated. This will help keep the engine running smoothly. If you notice any issues or odd noise, make sure to contact us. That way the issue can be corrected before it gets worse.