Using ATPMS can be helpful for noticing a tire is low on air. Having flat tires can be quite a pain no matter how long or short your trip is. Some people even notice flat tires when they open their garage. Whatever the case, having deflated tires is the last thing anybody wants. Have your vehicle’s tires flattened during a trip or while parked? If yes, you would agree that it can be quite frustrating. While you can change your tires and get your vehicle up and running, there are plenty of other solutions as well.

Taking some precautionary steps and performing regular maintenance are excellent ways to maintain your tire’s air for long periods. Let us talk about some proven ways to prevent PSI leaks, ensuring your tires remain inflated for long periods.

Tire Rotation and ATPMS

Rotating your car’s tires every now and then is an excellent way to improve longevity as it reduces wear patterns caused due to excessive driving. The NHTSA suggests that tire rotation is one of the best tips to make sure a tire lasts long. Some people prefer taking their car to the mechanic while others are capable of doing it all by themselves.

If you want to rotate your tire’s all by yourself, consider checking your car’s manual to ensure you are following the right steps. While performing tire maintenance, ensure to check the tire’s treads and sidewalls for any faults while ensuring each tire has adequate PSI levels.

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

Most car owners know the PSI levels their vehicles require and you may be one of them too. However, you should still consider re-checking them to make sure you aren’t making mistakes. This will also help find out the exact weight your vehicle can carry. Ensure, that you keep the number in mind whenever trying to load your vehicle up to avoid any damage.

What’s more, every experienced mechanic will tell you that putting too much load on your car can cause a lot of damage to its tires. If you do intend to carry heavy luggage, it would be best to increase the tire’s PSI levels to make sure it can bear the weight. You should also observe the sides of your tires to determine if they can carry heavy loads.

If you don’t think that the tires are capable of bearing too much weight, consider inflating them to maximum pressure. Otherwise, removing some luggage may be the only solution.

Check PSI with an ATPMS

Many car owners tend to slack off when it comes to checking the PSI levels of their tires, and it is one of the reasons why they become deflated so quickly. Fortunately, avoiding this problem is relatively straightforward as all you need to do is check tire pressure with the help of an ATPMS. This monitoring system offers tremendous results and can help you determine the right amount of pressure for your tires.