Any odd noises that you hear from the windshield wipers should be taken seriously. If they are not, it can only result in more damage and costly repairs for your vehicle. Also remember to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance. As we check the vehicle, we can also give it a bumper to bumper inspection. If the windshield wipers are wearing out, we can notice an issue and advise you when they should be replaced. This will not only help your visibility when driving, but it can help keep the windshield in ideal condition.

Odd Screech Noise

If there is a screech noise, this could mean the rubber part of the windshield wipers has worn down. This will mean the metal part is making direct contact with the windshield. Over time, the windshield can become scratched and damaged, which will be a costly fix. Check the wipers, and if the metal part is visible, make sure to replace them as soon as possible. You can look in the vehicle owner’s manual for what size wipers are needed. We can also advise you and help replace them as well.


If the arm of the wiper is bent, there may be a chattering noise from the wipers. This can mean that the wipers are not fitting correctly with the windshield when they operate. You may also notice a smear mark that does not remove all the road grime and debris from the windshield. If the wipers are less than ideal when operating, they should be replaced as soon as possible. During the winter, the blades can become damaged from snow and ice. Before using them in the summer, it is best to have them replaced. When you do so, also remember to check the rear wiper for the vehicle. Although it may not be used as often, you will still want it in the best condition possible when needed.