With winter weather comes colder temperatures. You will notice that the tires may decrease with air pressure quicker than they do the rest of the year. This is because for every ten degree drop in temperature, the tires decrease air pressure. The tires could lose as much as one pound per square inch of air pressure. When the tires get low on air, you can run the risk of them blowing out when driving. Make sure that you check the tires on a regular basis. If they are low, you will want to fill them to the correct amount recommended in the manual or by us. If the tire continues to go low often, you will want to make sure to bring it in so we can inspect the tires for you.

Check the air pressure before you travel

No matter if you are traveling a few miles, or a few hundred miles, you will want to make sure the tires are in the best condition possible. Checking the air pressure is the first step in doing so. If you are on the road and notice the tires are low, most gas stations will have an air pump you can use for free. You will never want to drive on a low tire. Besides risking the tire blowing out, you can also cause other damage. The rims could become bent and be damaged if you choose to drive on a tire that is low. Preventative maintenance can help to decrease the chance of an unexpected low tire.

Remember the Spare

Another thing to remember is to check the spare tire. If a regular tire becomes damaged or blows out, you will have to rely on the spare tire to get you safely to your destination or home. Spare tires should also be inspected for their overall condition, so you can ensure you can use them if you need to.