air filtersCabin air filters should always be inspected. Not many people realize, most of the cars that have come into production after the year 2000 are equipped with a sophisticated HVAC system. This HVAC system is responsible for the car’s ventilation, heating, cooling and air conditioning. Due to this system, you can safely sit inside the car’s cabin, roll the windows up, and not have to worry about suffocation.

HVAC System

There are many components that contribute to the car’s HVAC system. One of the few major components include the vents, heat box, blower motor, fans, heat exchanger, and cabin air filters. All of these components are systematically aligned to circulate the air that enters and exits your car’s cabin.

The HVAC system is compartmentalized inside the car at a location which is away from the combustion engine. This helps the heat from the combustion engine from influencing the air that enters into the vents. These vents are located under the windshield and on top of the bonnet of the car.

The reason why the vents are placed on this location is because this is the part of the car that experiences the most air pressure. This helps the air take in most amount of fresh air. Once the air enters into the vents, it comes into contact with all the components, and in the end has to pass through the cabin air filters before it can come out of the interior air vents and into the nostrils.

Cabin Air Filters

The cabin air filters are parts of a car that most car owners have neglected. Not only that, some car owners are yet to find out about their existence. Hidden behind the glove box, these air filters are similar to all other air filters. The difference between them and the filters that you have inside your engine is that one protects your car from contaminants, while the other protects you.

Their Importance

Thanks to cabin air filters, passengers and drivers enjoy breathable air. They also get to experience a car environment that is safe from the raw, unfiltered pollution of the outside world. For people that struggle with allergies, cabin air filters are pivotal.

Their porous design protects passengers from contaminants that are as small as 2 microns. Microns are the unit in which you measure microbial particles that are suspended in air. Not only that, they also eradicate all musty and bad odor on the outside from entering the car.

Replacement Air Filters

Overtime, these filters, like all filters get clogged and you have to make sure to replace them. If you do not replace them in time, it can lead to all sorts of issues with the car. One of these issues involves the decline of the HVAC’s system to circulate air. Ultimately, they are key components that, if not changed, can lead to undesirable outcomes. As you can see, timely cabin air filter replacements is a preventative way to ensure that your car stays in good shape, and your cabin’s atmosphere never has to slump.