Having a frozen car door can be a major issue, especially if you are in a hurry to go somewhere. You will want to make sure to try and park your vehicle in a garage or out of the harsh elements. If the vehicle is in a garage, you will not have to worry about removing snow or ice from it. It also decreases the chance of the vehicle freezing shut. If you cannot get your vehicle in, then you can consider covering the vehicle. This way the snow, ice, or freezing rain will not be directly on your vehicle.

Frozen Doors

One of the first things to do is gently loosen the handle of the vehicle. As this becomes usable again, then you can focus on opening the door. You can grab the handle and carefully pull and push the door until it opens. If you yank the door too hard, there is a good chance you will break the handle on it. Make sure that you try to grab along the edge of the door once there is a gap. This can help you to pull the door open as well. You may also gently hit with your fist around the frame to loosen up any ice that might be there as well.


You will be able to use a scraper to help you open the door as well. Scrape any ice or snow from the window or door of the vehicle. You will want to be careful, because the edge of the scraper can damage and chip away any paint on the door. You could also use the edge of the scraper to run along the frame of the door so it loosens the grip. A combination of the scraper and also pushing against the door can help open it as well.