auto-repair-9To help keep your vehicle running in the best condition possible, make sure it is properly maintained. This will increase the safety and reliability of the vehicle as you drive. If you notice anything out of the normal between visits, it is recommended to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. This can also help prevent further damage from being done.

The Engine Should be Inspected

One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is to have the oil changed. This should be done based on the recommendation from the manufacturer. The oil helps to protect the moving parts of the engine. If you are unsure how often to change the oil, make sure to contact us.

Inspect the Tires on a Regular Basis

The tires should be checked to ensure they are at the proper inflation levels. This can help the efficiency of the vehicle as you drive. When tires are not properly inflated, they can wear down much faster than they typically should.

The Electrical System is Important

The electrical system should be checked and cleaned regularly. Clean off any build up of corrosion on the battery posts. Make sure to test the battery for the amount of charge it has left. The alternator should also be checked to ensure it charges the battery properly.

Notice any Warning Lights

If a warning light on the dashboard comes on, make sure to pay careful attention to it. If the light starts to blink, pull your vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so. The warning light is the best indication to alert you for what is wrong with your vehicle.

The Exterior Lights are Important

The headlights, brake lights, and signals should be checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. These lights are important because they can improve the safety when you drive. Not only do the lights help you to see, but it helps others to see you as well.

Make sure to have the Brakes Inspected

If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes, make sure to have them inspected as soon as possible. The noise will typically indicate that the brake pads need to be replaced. If there are vibrations on the brake pedal as you apply it, it can also indicate an issue in the brake system. By bringing the vehicle in, we can inspect the brake system for you.

The Belts should be Inspected

The belts will also need to be checked on a regular basis. If a belt has started to fail, it can do significant damage to parts of your vehicle. If there are any cracks or tears on the belt, it should be replaced as soon as possible. We can also inspect the belts for the vehicle. This can help improve the safety and reliability for the vehicle. A belt check can be done around the time the oil is changed.