Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of numerous components that work together in order to give you a smooth, even, and stable ride. The suspension system takes a lot of road abuse, as it will absorb those bumps you hit. With age and miles, the parts will begin to wear out and even break. You may notice some signs of parts that are being worn down on your vehicle, and if they are ignored, they can affect the suspension system as well. If your vehicle is not riding or sounding like it used to, make sure to bring it in so we can look at it. It is important to go to regular scheduled maintenances to help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

If your vehicle pulls to one side while driving

While you are driving or applying the brakes, you may notice your vehicle pull to one side or the other. Over time, this can begin to damage the suspension system of your vehicle. If you notice this, check the tires for uneven air pressure. Make sure it is at the proper amount recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Also look at your tires for even wear. Sometimes the tire will begin to wear unevenly, and cause your vehicle to pull. This can lead to improper wear of your suspension system, as it is trying to use more power to rotate the wheels correctly.

If you feel the wheels shimmy or wander

When you drive, you may start to notice that your wheels are having a vibrating feel to them. They may also feel like they are beginning to wander. This can be caused from low or uneven air pressure in your tires. Your tires may also be out of balance and alignment, which will put unnecessary friction to rotate. It may also be any steering components that have worn away.

Excessive bouncing over uneven roads

If you notice your vehicle bouncing more than normal over rough roads, it may be time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. You may also notice your vehicle dipping or diving when you go over any bumps. This can be caused from wearing or worn shocks and struts. When the shocks or struts go out, it will lead to wear and tear on the suspension system, as they are no longer there to support the bumps. Another sign of worn shocks or struts can be any clunking or knocking noise you hear as you travel over bumps or cracks in the road.

Steering wheel that is hard to turn

You may notice that the steering wheel will become hard to turn and steer, especially when you are driving at slow speeds. This can be from low steering fluid or a loose power steering belt. A vehicle that is hard to turn can lead to issues with the suspension system with time.

Steering wheels vibrates when driving

Noticing the steering wheel vibrating at any speed can be a sign of a worn vehicle part. Your tires may be wearing unevenly or excessively when traveling. A warped brake rotor may also cause this because of poor brake pads. No matter what the issue is, make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect it for your safety and comfort while traveling.