The engine relies on many different parts in order to generate power as well as making sure that the power is translated into the ability to drive. Have the belts and hoses checked regularly. It is important to make sure that the majority of these belts and hoses are being checked every other visit for regular maintenance. The more frequently you are having these checked, the more likely it is that your engine will operate correctly. Make sure to follow the recommended schedule for how often the belts and hoses should be inspected. If you notice any issue with the vehicle or engine, make sure


There are a few things to look for whenever thinking about replacing belts and hoses. Among the important things to look for in belts is wear. If the belt starts to thin or is getting dry and cracking, it has the possibility that it will snap at any time. Hoses like the ones leading in and out of the carburetors will possibly get brittle and crack over time as well. These should be checked to make sure that they are also secured tightly using gaskets in good condition as well as clamps which are tight around the hoses. Since these can deteriorate rapidly, it is important to replace them at the first sign of a problem. Schedule an appointment and bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the belts, hoses, and other parts of your vehicle for you.