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Cooling System

What Do We Inspect?

  • Radiator for leaks and debris clogging the fins which reduces cooling performance.
  • Coolant for protection level and contamination.
  • Pressure test radiator cap.
  • Cooling fan operation.
  • Fan clutch (if equipped).
  • All belts for cracks and deterioration.
  • All hoses for leaks, softness or bulging, indicating deterioration from the inside out.
  • Check for leaks at thermostat housing, intake manifold, engine heads and freeze plugs.
  • Water pump for leaks.
  • Reservoir tank for leaks.
  • Heater Core for leaks.

Signs of Overheating

  • The temperature gauge. If you notice your engine is running hotter than normal, it’s time for an inspection.
  • Check to see if any green, orange, or yellow fluid is leaking from under your vehicle. If it is you are probably losing coolant and should get it inspected.
  • Squealing noise when engine RPM increases. This could mean a loose belt which would cause poor circulation of the water pump.

Typical Components

  • Pressure Cap
  • Radiator
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Water Pump
  • Fan
  • Thermostat
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Heater Core
  • Rubber Hoses

When is Service or Repair Necessary?

  • Whenever you notice any leaks or issues in performance.
  • Your cooling system should be inspected annually to insure that your engine operates within proper temperature ranges.
Lloyd’s is Trusted Auto Repair
  • Your convenience is our No. 1 priority. We strive to provide same day service on every vehicle. In addition, our local shuttle can make sure you get where you need to go and back while the work on your vehicle is completed.
  • Before we ever start working on your car, we listen to you and use our expertise to ask smart questions so we can hone in on what is wrong quickly.
  • We always test drive your vehicle so we can feel, hear, or see exactly what you do. We encourage you to come along on the test drive.
  • Our ASE Certified Master technicians are one of our secrets to fixing your car right the first time. Each of our trusted auto repair technicians has the experience to assess and repair your vehicle correctly the first time. Every technician can consult with other members of our technical staff if an additional opinion is necessary. Knowledge is Power!
  • Next, as a service to every Lloyd’s Automotive customer, we perform a complete safety inspection on your vehicle. We will rank key areas of your vehicle as good, needs attention, or critical and needs immediate attention.
  • Once testing and inspection are completed, you will be contacted with an estimate before any repairs are started. As far as we are concerned, surprise bills are never welcome. No hidden taxes or fees here, the complete price is quoted up front.
  • After you approve the repair, we provide you an estimate of the completion time and when you can plan on picking up your car. Remember, we also offer local shuttle service.
  • Our ASE Master technician will then go to work and fix your car, right the first time and on time.
  • Upon completion of your repair, we will use our “online” access to every major automobile manufacturer to make sure all factory specifications are correct and accurate.
  • We will take your vehicle on a final quality assurance road test. Why should you test drive our repairs? When you slide behind the wheel you can be confident your vehicle is ready to go.
  • We will call or email you and arrange to get you back into your vehicle.