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April Maintenance for your Car



Since April is Car Care Month, now is a great time to have it inspected from bumper to bumper. You will want to keep up with regular maintenance for the vehicle. This will be found in the vehicle owner’s manual for your vehicle. We can also advise and recommend a schedule for you. This way your vehicle will be in ideal condition as you drive. You will want to make sure things are inspected on a regular basis, so that they are wearing properly. If you ignore maintenance and inspections, there will be further issues and damage that happen. This will result in a costly repair bill as well.

April Nationals Car Care Month

There are several things you will want to inspect on your vehicle. One of the first things should be how your vehicle handles. You may notice that it starts to pull in one direction or the other. This could be an indication that the tires are poor. You will want to make sure that they are properly inflated. The tread of each tire should be inspected. As you do this, make sure to check the spare tire. This will be needed incase one of the regular tires is damaged. Remember when using a spare tire to drive no faster than 50 mph. If you go faster, the spare will not be able to keep up and can blow as well.


During April make sure to check all the fluid levels in the vehicle, so that it helps the engine. A fluid flush will help keep nice clean fluid in the reservoir. Make sure it is free of pollutants and dirt. When oil becomes dirty, it will make it more difficult when the engine operates. Bring the vehicle in and we can check all the fluids and fluid levels for you. This will help prolong the life of your vehicle as you drive, and will reduce repair costs. By knowing when the vehicle should be inspected, you can save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Driving your Car and Staying Safe



Stay health and safe this spring. With Covid-19, things are changing on a daily basis. With tighter restrictions for socializing and being out, you will have to follow these new rules. Make sure that you are at least 6 feet away from one another. This way you will help prevent the spreads of germs. If you have to cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow. It is also be beneficial that you wash your hands frequently and thoroughly so that your hands are always clean. If you start to feel under the weather, make sure that you isolate yourself so that others do not get sick as well.

Safe Driving

One of the things you can do during this time is to take a casual drive. This will allow you to get out of the house, while also having some fresh air. Some stores and business are closed during this time. Others are however open, but operating with limited hours. If you have to go somewhere, make sure to call ahead. This way you will know the hours that they are open. If you need groceries or other essentials, you will want to know their hours. When going in a store, make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from other people. This will help keep everyone safe.


If your vehicle needs to be maintained or inspected, call us. We are taking proper measures to help ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees. You will always want your vehicle to be in the best operating condition, so make sure to still follow the maintenance schedule. Also, remember to contact us when you might hear an odd sound for your vehicle. Doing so will prevent further issues and damages from happening. Please read our notice about Covid-19 here on our website at

Stay healthy and safe!!

Spring Maintenance for your Vehicle is Important



During the spring, make sure to take the time and have the vehicle inspected properly. You will want to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. This can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual or you can contact us. As you follow the schedule, it will help keep the vehicle working at top performance levels. It also will prevent larger issues from forming with the parts and the vehicle. If you notice an issue with the vehicle between regular maintenance, always make sure to schedule an appointment. Even if you think the issue is minor, it is always best to have it inspected by a professional.

Spring Care

One of the first things to check is the oil. The oil will need to be changed on a regular basis. Doing so will allow fresh clean oil to move through the engine. This will help to lubricate the moving parts. After some time, the oil can develop dirt and other contaminants in it. This will make it more difficult to keep the engine operating properly. It will cause the parts to wear down and have extra strain and stress on them. Overall it will lead to a more costly repair bill for your vehicle in the long run. When the oil is changed, we can also change the oil filter for your vehicle. This will become dirty and clogged with time.


You will also want to have the brakes inspected of the vehicle. Doing so will help ensure that your vehicle will be reliable when you need to stop. Make sure to leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you. If they need to stop suddenly, you will want enough space to stop safely as well. When there is an issue with the brakes, you will notice how responsive the brakes are. If there is a delay, always make sure to schedule an appointment with us.

Checking Each Tire after the Winter Months



Checking each tire of your vehicle, you can help to determine if there is an issue. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. Following the schedule for regular maintenance is important, as this can prevent problems. If you are not sure what should be inspected for the vehicle, make sure to contact us. We can also recommend what you should check on the vehicle as well. Also remember to be aware of any issues or problems as you drive. Even something you think might be a minor problem, should never be ignored.

Checking the Tires

Check each tire to ensure that the tread is wearing properly. If the tread is wearing poorly, you will want to make sure that you have it resolved. You can check the tread of the tires by taking a penny and placing it upside down. This should be done in the groove of each tire. If you are able to see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread has been worn down. Depending what the other tires have for tread wear can determine what is done. Sometimes a tire rotation can help even out the tread wear. This is the same for if an alignment is done. Doing either of these will help keep the tires operating and lasting as long as possible.


You should also check the air pressure of each tire. If one is lower on air, it can cause the tire to blow if you are not careful. Make sure to contact us and bring the vehicle in. That way we can check the condition of each tire to see if a new set is needed. We will also be able to see if having them rotated or aligned can extend the life of the tires. No matter what the issue might be, we can advise you on what is best for your vehicle.

Noticing Potholes when Driving

noticingBy noticing and paying attention to the road when you drive, you will be aware of any potholes. If there are any, you will want to avoid them as much as possible. Always be aware of other traffic and drivers on the road. You will not want to swerve into their lane and cause an accident. If you cannot avoid the pothole, you will want to straddle it with the vehicle. This way you can prevent hitting it straight on. You will not be aware how deep the pothole is. The deeper it is, the more damage it can cause for your vehicle.


If you hit a pothole, even at a slower speed, make sure to get out and inspect the vehicle. Noticing any issues can help prevent further damage and costly repair bill. The tires will be affected the most when you hit a pothole. You will want to make sure to pull over when it is safe to do so, and inspect the vehicle. Check the tires for any scrapes or damage that they might have. Depending on how hard you hit the pothole, a tire could be starting to lose air already in it. You will want to contact us and schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle and tires for you.


Along with tire damage, the suspension can have issues develop. You may notice some problems with the comfort of your vehicle as you drive. This is especially true when going over bumps or any unevenness of the road. If you notice this, it will only become worse with time. So make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the suspension and shocks for you. We will also be able to give your vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection. Doing so will help you have a reliable and comfortable ride.

Carefully inspect the Tires before Driving



By carefully checking the tires of the vehicle, you can help to ensure they are in the best condition possible. You will first want to make sure you are going to regular maintenance inspections for your vehicle. If you are not sure when this should be done, you can check the owner’s manual. We can also advise you when maintenance should be done with your vehicle as well. Always be aware of any issues your vehicle might have between visits. Notice any odd noises or how the vehicle handles when driving. These should be taken seriously and not ignored.

Carefully check the air pressure

You will want to remember to check the air pressure for each tire. This is especially important before driving or taking a long road trip. You will want to check the tires after the vehicle has had a chance to sit awhile. If you check the air pressure on a regular basis, you will be able to notice when an issue is starting to form. Make sure the tires are not under inflated. If this happens, they will be more likely to blow or go flat when driving. Tires that are over inflated could pick up sharp objects on the road. So always make sure that the tires are at the correct air pressure, and contact us if there is an issue.


Remember the tread wear should be inspected carefully as well. If the tread has worn down, you will start to notice issues while you drive. The vehicle will start to pull in one direction or the other. You may also notice it slides on the road when it is wet or slick out. If you notice the tread is poor, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. We can check the tires and the tread. Also, we can make sure the tires have been aligned and rotated properly. That way the tires can last as long as possible for your vehicle.

Check the Lights for your Vehicle before you Drive



Check the lights regularly for your vehicle. Doing so will help you to have the best visibility possible when driving. Not only will you be able to see the road ahead of you, but others will see you as well. If the lights are not working properly, you increase the chance of having an accident happening. When you bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance, we can inspect it bumper to bumper. This will also include inspecting the lights of the vehicle. If you are not sure how often regular maintenance should be, make sure that you contact us. We will be able to set up a schedule for your vehicle.

Check the Lights by using a door or building

You can check the lights on a regular basis by just parking the vehicle. If you want to check the headlights quick, just park in front of a garage door. You will be able to turn on the headlights and see the reflection against the door of the garage. You can then check the blinkers too by doing the same thing. If you are not sure, you can get out and walk around the vehicle. This will allow you to see the headlights, taillights, and blinkers. If you notice the blinkers work part of the time, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.


Another thing to check is that the lights work when they are on bright. Also make sure to check the fog lights. This way if you need either of them, they will work properly and efficiently. If a new bulb is needed for the light, bring the vehicle in and we will be able to replace it for you. We can also give it an overall inspection if there are any issues with the vehicle as you drive.

Clearing the Windshield



Clearing off the windshield for your vehicle is important in the winter. You will want to make sure to clear off all the snow, ice, and frost. Clear the whole windshield, not just a small area you can see out of. You will want to make sure to start the vehicle a few minutes earlier. This will allow it enough time to warm up internally. The windshield will also be able to warm up from the inside. As the vehicle operates, you will be able to scrape the windshield easier. Remember to scrape the rear windshield and other windows as well. This way you will have the best visibility possible around you.

Clearing the Snow

Make sure that you also take the time to remove any snow and ice build up from the hood, roof, and trunk of your vehicle. If you drive while this is covered, you increase the chance of an accident happening. Snow on your vehicle could slide or fall off, impairing the vision of those driving by you. If the chunk of snow or ice is heavy enough, it could break a windshield. Along with removing that snow, also remember to clean off the side mirrors of your vehicle. Being able to see beside or behind you is important.


Also remember that in the winter, you will want to check the windshield wipers of your vehicle. Make sure they are not frozen to the windshield. This will help you to be able to clear the windshield of any snow or debris. Never force the windshield wipers to operate, because it will damage the motor of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a rear wiper, make sure to check that as well. If the wipers are getting old and damaged, you will want to make sure to change them. Having the wipers replaced will help you improve the visibility as you drive.

Safe Driving this Winter



Staying safe on the road the winter means you will have to adjust your driving habits. Make sure that your bring your vehicle in on a regular basis for all the inspections. This way we can do a bumper to bumper inspection for the vehicle. If there are any issues, we can inspect it for the source of the problem. Whenever you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to contact us. You will want to have it inspected at the first sign. This way you can help prevent further damage and repair costs in the long run.

Safe Driving

With winter weather, remember to adjust some of your driving habits. Doing so will help you to stay safe while on the roads. The first thing to do is to slow down your speed. By slowing down, you will keep better control of your vehicle on the road. If roads are slick or ice covered, reducing your speed is the best thing to do. Drive at a speed that you feel comfortable at. If you can feel the vehicle starting to slide, slow down even more. Also remember to never have the cruise control set.


Also remember to check the weather and road conditions before you leave. Doing so will help you to be aware what you are driving in. If the weather is less than ideal, make sure to leave in plenty of time. If the roads are in poor condition, you will be able to drive slow, without being late to your destination. Remember that if there is precipitation that you will need to turn on your headlights. This way you can see the roads better. It will also help others to see you. If you notice that a headlight or taillight is out, make sure to schedule an appointment. We can inspect and repair the light for you.

Repairs Needed for your Vehicle


When repairs are needed for your vehicle, you will want to tend to these as soon as possible. This way we can look to see what the issue might be. If the problem is severe, you will want to have this taken care of as soon as possible. As the vehicle starts to age, there will need to be frequent maintenance inspections done. This way we can help to ensure the vehicle is running efficiently and at top performance levels. If you are not sure how often maintenance should be done for the vehicle, contact us. That way you can make sure the parts and components are wearing correctly.

Winter Repairs

Through the winter, you will want to make sure and check the air pressure of the tires on a regular basis. When it is cold, the tires can lose as much as a pound of air pressure for every ten degree drop in temperature. If you do not check the tires regularly, you will be driving on a tire with low air pressure. This can lead to damage to the tires and rims of your vehicle. Tires that are over inflated or under inflated can increase the chance for damage. They can either be more prone to blowing out or picking up sharp objects on the road.


You will also want to be aware of any odd noises or sounds your vehicle might make. This can indicate an issue with a part. No matter if it is a minor problem or major issue, you will want to have it inspected. Even if you do not think it is a problem, it is always best to have it looked at. That way you are aware of the overall vehicle’s condition. Also make sure to be aware of any dashboard warning lights that might come on. This can also alert you to an issue with your vehicle.

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