The suspension for your vehicle is important. Tires meeting the road efficiently are what makes effective steering and better handling possible. It also makes for a far less bumpy ride for the driver and their passengers. If you notice an issue with how your vehicle handles, make sure to bring it in. By doing so, we can inspect it for you.

Suspension Benefits

There are bumps and irregularities on every road you drive. When your tires strike one of those bumps, and there could be damage to the suspension. The wheel experiences a sudden vertical acceleration of varying magnitude depending on the size of the bump or rough patch. If there is not a system in place to absorb that impact, it can cause issues. The energy of the wheel striking the bump is transferred directly to the car’s frame, causing the vehicle to move in the same direction as the energy from the wheel. Upward motion means that your wheel is not making efficient contact with the road, and you experience a loss in traction. Further impacts follow, and there is a continued gradual loss in traction over distance.

Ride and Handling

Your car’s suspension allows the wheel to move upward over irregularities and bumps without disengaging from the surface of the road to the same degree. This improves the ride of your vehicle. However, it is not just bumps and potholes that your suspension takes care of for you. Sudden sideways motion of the vehicle due to a change in direction can cause the tires to lose their grip due to loss of contact with the road as well. Properly calibrated and balanced suspension allows the wheels to compensate for these rapid changes in direction. This helps to keep your wheels and tires as close to the road as possible even when the vehicle is changing direction. If you notice an issue with how your vehicle handles, make sure to contact us. We can schedule an appointment and check it for you. This should include the suspension and other parts of it.


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